Adoption policy

Please read CAREFULLY:

Our adoption fee is $170 per ferret.

If you are interested in adopting one of our ferrets, please e-mail us with any questions. You are also able to visit our ferrets at the shelter on an APPOINTMENT only basis. Please remember we are all volunteers at the shelter and we’ll try to fit you in at a mutually convenient time.

Once you have emailed us we will send you a preliminary questionnaire to get to know you, and make an appointment at a mutually convenient time. Once you have made an appointment to view our ferrets, you may fill out an application at the shelter, if you find a ferret that’s right for you. There is a mandatory 48 hour waiting period before you can pick up your ferret. This is simply to make sure you have thought about this commitment and that you are 100% ready to bring a new ferret into your home. It also allows us time to process your application. However, we may make *an exception* to the rules under extreme circumstances.

Our fees include 1st shots and spay/neuter.

We do not descent our ferrets as it does not change the way they smell and we feel it’s an unnecessary procedure. There is also a $35 membership fee that is included in the adoption price.

We will sometimes waive a fee for our senior ferrets but will gratefully take a donation. Please don’t confuse this with “free” because our seniors are at the stage where they may develop *expensive* health ailments that come with older age. This isn’t to discourage their adoption but to educate the potential “parent” what *may* happen.

All ferrets coming into the shelter must be tested for ADV. ADV is often described as a “wasting disease” characterized by chronic (long term) weight loss. A common manifestation is weakness or paralysis due to spinal cord damage, which progresses from the hind end up to the front legs. Other signs include lethargy, tarry stools (due to blood in the stool), and tremors. Occasionally the disease may cause sudden death. Currently there is no treatment or prevention for this viral disease. For more information on ADV, please talk to your vet.

**As well as mandatory ADV testing, anyone wishing to bring their ferret to the shelter to introduce them to a potential play-mate must provide proof of ADV test, Distemper and Rabies vaccines.**