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Found a Ferret?


Have you found a ferret?  Please make sure that what you have found is indeed a ferret and not a weasel or mink. This is the time of year where baby minks and weasels are abundant in Ontario and even in cities! These creatures don’t just live in the country they have adapted well to city life too! You will find here photos of what mink and weasels look like but the best way to tell them apart from a ferret is by their colouring.

Weasels are usually a rich chocolate brown solid colour along their back with a solid white belly and underside.  

Minks are commonly a dark brown with a small white ‘dot’ under their chin. Ranch mink can be different colours but both weasels and mink are always a solid colour while ferrets have differing coat colours unless they are solid white.   See our adopt page for examples.

If you have found a ferret, please send an email to the shelter and if possible, include a photo so we can help determine if you indeed have a ferret.