Harley “Bug”

Harley remains our shelter’s mascot, even after his passing on June 26 2002. He was an inspiration to all of us, having suffered so much but continuing to fight to live through multiple illnesses and surgeries.

Harley’s previous owner kicked him in the face. He sustained a broken jaw, damaged right eye and a life threatening bacterial infection. Harley lost his eye as a result of the infection. He had over 100 surgical procedures in the 5 years he was with us, costing the shelter well over $8,000. He was always a happy-go-lucky ferret who was never shy and never complained about his life. He always walked with a carefree bounce and loved meeting new people, even if they were a vet! Harley showed us that no matter how terrible things are, there is always room for happiness. We dedicate our work to this “miracle kid”.