Joy has joined the shelter, she is a dark-eyed white and about 1 1/2 to 2 years old.  She really is a joy to play with, very interactive.  She has been with another ferret but with new ferrets we ail will still have to see how she does. She was surrendered by her owners family.

Joy has paired with Mr. Wiggles and has now almost completed a year at the shelter, she would make a wonderful pet for someone.

Many people will choose a sable ferret as they think they look more natural or wild, but in truth, the albinos and dark eyed whites make as good or even better a pet, with these ferrets you can actually see the expressions on their faces.

Joy came down with a sudden illness, and during surgery she passed away.  she will be missed by Mr. Wiggles.

Joy-KitKat2 Joy-KitKat