Lukas – A plush, cuddly and beautiful young sable male (2 years) who has a calm and gentle nature about him.  Lukas has a long thick coat and tail with white guard hairs around the haunches and distinguishing white hairs between his 2 front toes only on his left hand.  He is very easy going almost a “lap-fert” but can be insistent if you don’t come and play with him. He will chase you, or you can dance with him in the wet grass, or hand-wrestle him on the sofa. Lukas has learned that digging in the dirt in search of hidden
treasures or digging in the water dish in hopes of catching fish or frogs is his ferret duty and right. Lukas wants to play with other fuzzies and starts the game but will shy away if the other fuzzy shows signs of aggression.
Lukas has packed his bags and gone home.