Myra was surrendered to FAS by Animal Control in September 2012. We don’t know her past history and she isn’t shedding any light on the facts. From the start, this feisty wee bundle of turbo energy could only be handled with sturdy work gloves.  She had a very nasty fear-biting issue. We estimate this petite albino to be   2-3 years old. Since her arrival, she has received her much needed spay surgery but her scent glands were left intact. Myra has experienced a lot of human handling & interaction since her introduction to the shelter. She is very comfortable with people and other ferrets although she has no problem entertaining herself. She no longer bites. Myra would do well with another fuzzy friend if he/she would be willing to accept her company. At the shelter, she shares her playtime with “The Cars”. Those big boys can be a bit bossy but she knows how to hold her own. This playful gal has her bags packed and ready to go.

Myra has now enticed someone to adopt her and now has a forever home.