Rose is definitely energetic, and she pushes her boundaries more than Sonic does.  Rose will need a home that is solidly ferret proofed.  She makes me laugh when she sticks her head in a toy that was designed for cat paws to push balls around inside.  She gets her head and neck inside, then runs around the entire toy (moving the toy itself in a circle) while pushing the balls with her nose.  Sonic watches Rose play but won’t try it herself.  I’ve never had any other ferret interact like this with the toy.  Rose can also squeezes under the kitchen door to get to the bedrooms, but she can’t get back so she scratches till the door is finally opened for her.  Rose is also quick to jump off things.  Sonic and Rose are just too adorable.

She is one of the recently received 8.

Rose has been adopted along with Sonic, we wish them both a long and happy life.