Happy Tails



Dalek loves to hand wrestle too, but he’ll look for the soft, fleshy spots and get a good grip — ouch.  Although he bites a somewhat hard, he doesn’t shake his head to make it worse, and with some patience I’ve been able to slide or pry my hand out of his mouth.  With lots…

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Titus is a sweet but rambunctuous young ferret, only 5 months old and growing fast, but still keeping his sweet baby demeanour.   He seems able to mix with others ferrets, and can stand his ground with more pushy ferrets than himself.  He will make a wonderful addition to anyone’s home and a great companion…

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Ricoh is a young male blaze ferret probably less than a year old. He is very playful and gentle. He plays very well with Joy an albino female, and could be adopted with her or as a single. Luckily for Ricoh , he has been chosen to go home with two other ferrets, Mercedes and…

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Firenze (Florence)


Firenze is a lovely young 8 weeks old female sable.  Full of energy and loves to interact, she plays really week, long and hard.  She should be in a home. Firenze is now in a wonderful home where she will not be alone but will have the company of Ricoh and Mercedes and will be…

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KitKat was surrendered to local Animal Control in September 2012. This chatty dark-eyed white is a real mover and shaker. She is slowly adapting to the company of other ferrets. It seems that she prefers to be a loner but is slowly adjusting. She is still a little unsure about her recent introduction to Mr.Wiggles. She spends…

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Mars is a lovely plump playful albino, who so far has fitted in well with other ferrets, and so is recommended for an existing ferret household.  She loves to explore and interact with people.

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Myra 1

Myra was surrendered to FAS by Animal Control in September 2012. We don’t know her past history and she isn’t shedding any light on the facts. From the start, this feisty wee bundle of turbo energy could only be handled with sturdy work gloves.  She had a very nasty fear-biting issue. We estimate this petite albino…

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Aero;  This is a lovely large female champagne sable.  She is quite rambunctious and very playful.  She can be put with other with supervision at first.  Her exuberance while trying to play could be mistaken by another ferret as aggression.  With more time, we will be able to update on her behaviour. Areo has been…

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Lukas – A plush, cuddly and beautiful young sable male (2 years) who has a calm and gentle nature about him.  Lukas has a long thick coat and tail with white guard hairs around the haunches and distinguishing white hairs between his 2 front toes only on his left hand.  He is very easy going almost a “lap-fert” but can be insistent if…

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